The Ojibwe Charter School recently chose their Students of the Months.  Ojibwe Charter School uses the Seven Grandfather Teachings for their Student of the Month program along with TRIBE.  TRIBE is a positive system of following school wide rules.  TRIBE stands for; Treat others kindly, Ready to learn, I need to listen, Be safe, and Everyone tries their best.  The Grandfather teaching for October was Wisdom or Nibwaakaawin.

Nibwaakaawin or Wisdom - To cherish knowledge is to know Wisdom. Wisdom is given by the Creator to be used for the good of the people. In the Anishinaabe language, this word expresses not only wisdom, but also means prudence, or intelligence.


Chaz Forrester/Kindergarten-Mr. Collins

We are proud to announce Chaz Forrester as our Student of the Month in the Kindergarten and First Grade classroom for the month of October. Chaz is a great student that is always ready to learn. He helps his friends and shares and follows not only our classroom rules, but all of the school rules as well. Chaz is a great addition to our school and classroom and we look forward to all of his great accomplishments. Good job Chaz!

Ricky Robbins/2nd grade-Ms.Heikkinen

Ricky has been chosen student of the month for October.  He always follows directions, raises his hand, one of the first students ready to learn.  I can always count on him to make good choices and be wise. Ricky is learning how to become a model student.  Great job Ricky!

Marley Ball/3rd grade - Mrs. Bowen

The third grade student of the month for October is Marley Ball.  Marley is a well-rounded student who always participates in class. She can often be found lost in a good book or volunteering to help in any way possible. This caring attitude toward schoolmates combined with her willingness to learn and grow makes Marley a wonderful example for all. Great work Marley!  

Sienna Kuzmik/4th grade - Mrs. Bowen

Sienna Kuzmik is the fourth grade student of the month for October.  Sienna is a fun-loving, multi-talented, great all-around student.  Sienna takes pride in her school work and consistently produces high-quality work. She is a positive role model in our classroom and is kind to everyone.  Keep up the great work Sienna!

Justice Orr/5th grade - Ms. Hunter

I chose Justice for the student of the month for October/Wisdom because she is always making the right choices. She does her work all of the time and is always following the directions the first time.

Rihanna Robbins/6th grade - Ms. Hunter

I chose Rihanna for the student of the month for October/Wisdom because she is always following the rules.  She is always doing a great job on her work and turns it in on time. She is very helpful within the classroom as well.