The Ojibwe Charter School recently chose their March Students of the Months.  Ojibwe Charter School uses the Seven Grandfather Teachings for their Student of the Month program along with TRIBE.  TRIBE is a positive system of following school wide rules. TRIBE stands for; Treat others kindly, Ready to learn, I need to listen, Be safe, and Everyone tries their best.ndfather teaching for March is Respect or Mnaadendimowin.  Respect is represented by the buffalo. The buffalo gives every part of his being to sustain the human way living, not because he is of less value, but because he respects the balance and needs of others.To honour all creation is to have respect.

Leo Tadgerson/Kindergarten & 1st Grade: Mr. Collins

The Kindergarten and First Grade is very proud to announce that Leo Tadgerson has earned March Student of the Month for our class. Leo has grown a lot at OCS and he is now among our model students. Leo earns high marks in the classroom and he has become a well rounded student who makes good choices. Good job Leo!

Kendreya Teeple/2nd Grade: Mrs. Dettloff

Kendreya Teeple has been selected as the Second Grade Student of the Month for March. Kendreya honors the Seven Grandfather Teaching Respect in our classroom, school, and community. Kendreya was respectful to our classroom visitors during Reading Month, often greeting them with “Aanii, I’m Kendreya Teeple” and a handshake. Kendreya was respectful and kind to her peers while playing a leadership role while singing hand drum songs for our guests and community. Chi Miigwech for treating your peers, environment, and Earth with respect, Kendreya.

Karma Doyle/3rd & 4th Grade: Mrs. Bowen

The third and fourth grade student of the month for March is Karma Doyle.  Karma is an amazing student in so many ways. During school, she is hard working and a great example for her fellow classmates.  Outside of school Karma is involved in many different activities and takes on many extra responsibilities. Karma is a hardworking individual who always goes the extra mile. She is very talented, respectful, and always has a smile on her face.  She is never afraid to speak up when she feels that people aren't being respectful, which show her positive leadership skills. Keep it up Karma!

Aiden Frye/5th & 6th Grade: Mr. Dettloff

Aiden Frye has an inquisitive mind and caring heart. He often asks for clarification about how and why to better himself when his behavior affects his peers negatively. He has respect for the learning process and builds people up when they feel small. Aiden practices Minaadendamowin (respect) for himself and, consequently, is able to respect others and their feelings in return.