The Ojibwe Charter School recently chose their February Students of the Months.  Ojibwe Charter School uses the Seven Grandfather Teachings for their Student of the Month program along with TRIBE.  TRIBE is a positive system of following school wide rules. TRIBE stands for; Treat others kindly, Ready to learn, I need to listen, Be safe, and Everyone tries their best.

The grandfather teaching for February is Love (Zaagi'idiwin). To know peace is to know love. Love must be unconditional. When people are weak they need love the most. In the Anishinaabe language, this word with the reciproca; theme /idi/ indicates that this form of love is mutual. 

Tami Trudeau-Kindergarten/1st Grade:  Mr. Collins

The Kindergarten and First Grade classroom is happy to announce that First Grader Tami Trudeau has been named our February Student of the Month. Tami is a strong student with excellent school skills. She makes good choices and she can often be found helping her classmates when she finishes tasks. We are thrilled to have her represent our class and Ojibwe Charter School. Keep up the good work, Tami!

Konner Trudeau-2nd Grade: Mrs. Dettloff

Konner Trudeau has been selected as the Second Grade Student of the Month for February. Konner honors the Seven Grandfather Teaching Zaagi’idiwin/Love each day in our classroom. He can frequently be observed giving compliments and praise to his classmates. Konner values having a loving classroom environment. Konner understands that he must put love and forgiveness above all, even when he is upset. Our classroom is more loving and kind because of Konner. Jiikakamigad/celebrate, Konner! We are proud of you!

Emery Kielszewski-3rd/4th Grade:  Mrs. Bowen

The third and fourth grade student of the month for February is Emery Kieliszewski.  Emery is always very helpful, generous, and willing to come to the aid of anyone who needs a hand.  Emery enjoys creating things and always has something to share with the class. He has also really worked hard this school year to improve his work habits and stay focused.  I am very proud of the progress he has made. Keep up the great work Emery.

Dillan Lupenitz-5th/6th Grade:  Mr. Dettloff

Dillan Luepnitz is always spreading smiles to others in the classroom. His care for his classmates happiness is uplifting. He frequently directs his classmates in a direction of healing when they are upset or frustrated. Dillan helps spread zaagidiwin (love) through friendship, careful listening, and fits of joyous laughter when his classmates are in need.