Ojibwe Charter School recently chose their December Students of the Month.  Ojibwe Charter School uses the Seven Grandfather Teachings for their Student of the Month program along with TRIBE.  TRIBE is a positive system of following school wide rules.  TRIBE stands for; Treat others kindly, Ready to learn, I need to listen, Be safe, and Everyone tries their best.  The Grandfather Teaching for January is Truth/Debewin.  

Truth is represented by the turtle as he was here during creation of Earth and carries the teachings of life on his back.  The turtle lives life in a slow and meticulous manner, because he understands the importance of both the journey and the destination.  Truth is to know all of these things.

Zaydn Tellas - Kindergarten/1st Grade: Mr. Collins

The Kindergarten and First Grade is proud to announce that Zaydn Tellas has been named our classe's Student of the Month for January. Zaydn is a hard working kindergatener who has achieved academic excellence and continuosly displays exceptional school behavior. Zaydn is a great friend to his classmates and we are all proud of his hard work. Good job Zaydn!

Blake Hascall - 2nd Grade:   Mrs. Dettloff

Blake honors Debewin/Truth, the 7th Grandfather Teaching of the month.  Blake is always truthful to his classmates, his teachers, and himself.  He understands that in order to learn and grow he must follow teachings of truth, even when it is challenging.  Jiikakamigad/celebrate Blake!  We are proud of you!

Terin Forrester - 3rd/4th Grade:  Mrs. Bowen

The third and fourth grade student of the month for January is Terin Forrester.  Terin is conscientious with his work, is witty, and is always helpful in class. He is always eager to learn and enters the classroom each day with a simile on his face.  Terin has shown a tremendous amount of improvement this school year, especially in his reading.  His hard work is really starting to pay off!  Keep it up Terin!   

Kaylee Sylvester - 5th/6th Grade:  Mr. Dettloff

Kaylee Sylvester is a focused listener and keen observer. She is patient and takes time to find and understand real meaning in teachings. Kaylee often relies on her artistic abilities to express truth of experience and shares these truths with her peers carefully and often. Kaylee clearly honors the Grandfather Teaching Debwewin (Truth) and helps other appreciate this teaching as well.